Saturday, June 17, 2017

Yay, jet lag!

Our flights went surprisingly well.  No major turbulence and an easy transfer in Reykjavik, despite only fifty minutes between touchdown and take-off.  The IcelandAir folks run a smooth operation.

Quinn was pretty excited to see some of the differences between home and Scotland.  The first--unexpected--difference was the potent humidity.

A lovely gentleman taxi driver brought us to our hotel, with some tight city driving.  We dropped our bags in the lobby and headed off for the Kelvin grove for lunch and attempting to stay awake.

Lunch--success!  Tom had rack of lamb, Quinn had fish & chips, and I went boring with a burger.

The highlight of the Kelvin grove was the pipe organ concert that was going on.  Nice music, beautiful location.

Unfortunately, the heat and the jet lag won, and we all retired to our now-available room.  I tried to get Quinn to stay awake longer, but he slept for about four hours, while Tom & I had about an hour and a half.  I found a nice little park, sat on a bench, and read.

Dinner was Chinese food from a mostly take-away place.  Pretty tasty!

Hoping that we'll finally manage to fight the jet lag enough to make exploring the city a less daunting proposition.

Is it bedtime?  I think it's bedtime.

Until tomorrow!

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