Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rest, Rash, and Relaxation

Today we had three activities planned.  Quinn and I were both scheduled at 9:00 AM.  Me for a massage, Quinn for a surfing lesson.  Tom was to bring Quinn to the lesson, and when I was out, I'd go relieve him and he would take The Bus to the Bishop Museum or Iolani Palace.

I woke up from a dream of an intense chase scene in what seemed to me to be an excellent story.  In my sleep, I conjured paper and pen to take notes.  When Tom actually woke me up, I dashed to the computer to capture what little I could remember.  It wasn't much, but worth exploring.

My massage was lovely.  I tried lomi lomi, which is a massage style I had not experienced before.  It was relaxing, and I used the time to ponder the story notes I'd made from my dream.  Added more things.  Came up with a protagonist and a conflict.  All in all, not a bad use of a morning.

Quinn had a good time learning to surf on itty-bitty waves in a group lesson.  I didn't see much of it, because by the time I got there they were so far out I couldn't really tell who was who, but Tom told me Quinn had been doing a pretty good job.  His Tae Kwon Do balance skills held him in good stead.  While he had a lot of fun, he also had a nice case of board rash when he got back in.

The child had already requested a day of non-scheduled-ness, so I was planning to spend the afternoon hanging out at the hotel pool.  Tom, however, decided that it was too late, and he was too hot and had been standing up too much, so he abandoned his afternoon activity.

My kidlet is a person who must have his quota of solitude or he is unhappy.  This was clear even when Tom and I were married and we went on the cruise to Alaska with him and he required the balcony to walk in circles in privacy.  That has not changed.  He's take over our balcony and is walking in circles.  Has been for hours.  From down at the pool he looks a bit like a big cat in a zoo, back and forth, back and forth.  It has to look odd to anybody who looks up and sees him, but it's what he wants to do, so that's what he's doing.

Our big adventure for the afternoon was going to a fancy cheeseburger place where Tom and Quinn had fancy (huge) cheeseburgers, and I had less fancy (but still pretty big) hamburger.  Quinn gave up on biting the thing and used a knife and fork on it.  Overall report is that the burgers were quite tasty.  A detail I have noticed about eating in a tropical location--many eateries are open air and there are birds all over the place.  They'll come perch on chairs and tables, and wander all over the floor.  Not something I would have really thought about before.

Tomorrow, we head to Pearl Harbor, me for the first time.  Tom and Quinn and I will attempt to go to the Arizona Memorial, although apparently they now take reservations online and we didn't know this, so might not be able to get tickets.  After that, the boys will go explore the Missouri while I take the bus back towards Waikiki and explore the Iolani Palace.

Thinking about it, perhaps my son gets his penchant for desiring solitude honestly.  I have known for a long time that I don't travel well in groups, and often prefer to branch out by myself.

For now, I enjoy the breeze and ponder going wading at Waikiki Beach once the sun is mostly down.  We've managed to remain sunburn free!

The torches at the pool have been lit.  The sun has vanished from the pool, although it is still up outside of this little shadow space.  Temperatures are cooling, and most people are out of the water.  Don't they realize it's only just now time to get in?  Less sunscreen!

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