Monday, November 4, 2013

Riverboat and Ziggurat

The sun is setting over the left shoulder of a ziggurat-shaped office building on the west shore of the Sacramento River.  I am sitting on the deck of the Delta King, a steamboat which has been converted into a hotel.  It is moored in Old Town Sacramento, where the architecture speaks of gold rush history and the shops range from chintzy memorabilia to chintzy arts and crafts, with a smattering of candy shops, art galleries, and Old Time Photography studios for flavor.  The sidewalks are boardwalks and the road cobblestone.

It's been quite windy, so my lips were getting chapped.  I didn't pack any chap stick, so while we were shopping in one of the touristy shops, I asked if they had any in stock.  They did!  Quite a selection--Cocoa Puffs flavor, Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor, Count Chocula flavor . . . given that I didn't really want chocolate or cinnamon lips, I went with Frankenberry.

Some sort of waterfowl is honking in the vicinity of The Hawaiian Chieftain, a tall ship moored just downstream.  The Delta King sits between two bridges, a bright yellow drawbridge to the south and an old rusty railroad bridge to the north, with a steady stream of cars traveling over the top deck.

Today we drove south from Chico to Sacramento down Highway 99.  Saw rice paddies, lots of walnut trees, some carrion birds, and I learned that the impressive trees I've been seeing all throughout the trip are likely live oaks.

I also finally found replacement batteries for my Relief Band, an anti-motion sickness device that works by zapping a nerve in your wrist with electricity.  I've used them before and they're very effective.  With mine now fully operational, I've managed to cut out the Bonine, and am feeling a bit less foggy.  Hooray!

Dinner tonight, and then we start the drive to Yosemite in the morning.  I'm looking forward to seeing the place I've seen so many impressive photographs of in person, and curious to see how my foot will hold up.  I know I won't be able to do the kind of hiking that I'd like to, but hoping that I'll be able to do at least a little bit.  I doubt there will be internet there, so likely no post for a day, but I'll try to catch up after.

Glad for an evening of low-key rest!

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